Are you at home and your work is stopped?

We can use this time to share our skills, to create network, to test ideas or work on our projects.

Yes I admit, my decision to limit the exits, the sense of waiting stopped me a bit then I asked myself:


What can I do while staying at home?

How can I use the Solution Focus to be useful to me and to others?


I decided to organize virtual and free rooms where we can meet as group and shorten the distances, where we can get to know each other better and bring home something useful.

With the solution focus approach, you don't need to go into detail and your idea can be kept confidential.


What will you need?

    an internet connection

    a computer, tablet or smartphone

    the desire to share



         See you on Zoom ...



If you want to join send me an email and I will send you the link. For the dates I am organizing and you will find everything in the news or in my social channels 


instagram (solution_focus_agenda or marcomat1 ) 

facebook (punta alla soluzione or solution focus agenda)



in the meantime you can read the mini guide