SOLUTION for your reflective practice – A new model to experiment


Reflective practice is perceived as a time to dissect alone a past event. The intent was to transform that paradigm and create a space where you can look at something that happened in a Solution Focused way and extract what would bring you close to your best hopes.
Cristina and Marco started working together on a workshop for SF24 conference focusing on putting their expertise together and creating new tools and frameworks. Their meetings have always spanked new directions of innovating the use of Solution Focused Approach in different fields.
They provide a great mix of fun, concrete and sharing atmosphere where ideas can emerge and take shape.
In this session, Cristina and Marco will introduce their new framework SOLUTION in an interactive and participatory way. The main objective is to allow participants to work on a personal example that they bring and explore what happens once SOLUTION is applied.

Participants will benefit from the session as it will:
- Refresh their knowledge on existent reflective practice models
- Allow them to experiment with a new model and by that add a new tool that will support their clients
- Share a learning space with people with the same interest in growing their skills
- Experience a framework that can be easily used to structure the reflection logs for EMCC Certification
- Collect valuable continuous practice development activities that have a positive impact on the work of any practitioner


As this is a new model under construction, all participants will be providing extremely valuable feedback that will strengthen the framework.

Join us and you will be part of the emerging process and receive during the session the SOLUTION tool!


Here you can download our Sf-reflective_canvas


# SF Retrospective

Un evento gratuito mensile su zoom.
Uno spazio per fermarsi a riflettere su ciò che ha funzionato nel mese trascorso e riprogettare il mese successivo.
Un momento per sperimentare l'approccio Solution focus, per conoscere persone nuove, per condividere progetti.

Vuoi partecipare? [Scrivimi] e ti inserirò nel gruppo riservato al sf retrospective.

# SF Retrospective

A free monthly event on zoom.
A moment to pause and reflect on what worked in the past month and redesign the following month.
A time to experience the Solution focus approach, meet new people, and share projects.

Want to participate? [write me] and I'll put you in the group reserved for the sf retrospective.