Scappare dal problema o lasciarsi attrarre dalla soluzione?

Puntare alle soluzioni: l'Approccio che migliora l'azienda

Books for solutions

Target the Solution

Finally arrive in Italy “Solutions Focused Approach”: a powerful, practical and effective coaching approach, which encourage a positive change in people facing difficult situations.

What “Target the Solution” mean?

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Tools & Articles

Are your meetings difficult to lead or manage? Would you like to manage them better?

Do you like to know how? Maybe I have a product that may be useful: here’s how.

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Suppose that one of my projects work perfectly right for you. Here you can find out: project.


“Dress your resources” improve your distinctiveness

A funny coaching project  to explore your resources, finding strategies to promote your distinctiveness.

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Soon will be available calendar dates:

Communicate to understand“: a course in three workshops to improve their communication, conflict management, achieve their goals.


Soon all the information”Point to Solutions” – 3 weekends to learn and master the Solution Focus “Receiving a way to open up to Abundance” a weekend where to acquire tools and ideas to make your life Abundant.

Accendi la passione, la contentezza seguirà. [Marco Matera & Stefan Gliesche]